The goal of the project is to create a library of 3000 images and descriptions exploring a fictional future history. Each image and description contains a glimpse into this future, and allows exploration of more pages with linked topics.

By exploring the library, viewers can learn about events, places, people and cultures that exist in the far future.

The information presented in the text in this library is highly subjective. Different narrators present their own viewpoints, which may contain factually incorrect information, exaggeration, or propaganda, whether by accident or design.

The project was started in 2021. Randomly selected images from the library are broadcast twice a day on Twitter and Mastodon. These posts might include images that aren’t accessible on this website yet.

This website is generated using org-mode, ox-hugo and Hugo. It uses a modified version of Lukas Joswiak’s etch theme for Hugo.

You can see some of my other work here.

AI-generated artwork disclaimer

Image content used for this project is created using machine learning tools, including big-sleep and Midjourney. Prompts used to generate images do not refer to specific artists or their works, nor do they attempt to target the styles of any living or dead artists (though they may do so unintentionally as a result of the training data used by these tools).

I acknowledge that these tools do not seek consent of the creators whose works are included in their training input, and are an imperfect representation of human visual culture.

Some content may also use machine generated images based on an initial image created by me, or include images that are created by hand.