The benthic metropolis of Honusoto

All the onion cities look so forbidding from the outside, don’t you think? Too spiky. Honusoto is one of the oldest - I’m sure you know this - so it’s been growing for longer. The extra room makes a big difference. Not like Oshagoddo. Horrible poky little town.

Anyway, after my mandatory service in Bilot, I had some free time on my hands. When it was late I’d go and sit in the pools. Just me and the world ocean. I would float and feel my body connect to the core below, feel the whole ice sheet around me, imagine the light from Scolapas spalling off the surface.

Sometimes I thought I could feel vibrations. No, through the water. Just faintly. But it was like there was something down there… my friends said it was tectonic activity. But I think it was Truva, doing something down there in the dark.